About Mariem GAMAL artist


Mariem GAMAL, Marie-Ishtar has been a solo dancer professional  for many years and a multidisciplinary artist.

The alliance of an innate cultural heritage and knowledge acquired at the Zaza HASSAN artistic center and the International Dance Academy have enabled her to assert herself as an ambassador of oriental dance and the art of belly dance par excellence.

In 2015, she founded La Cie de danse Mariem GAMAL. She runs dance classes in partnership with institutions.

Reference school for learning the art of belly dance and oriental folklore based in Paris, for adults, teens and children, all levels and upgrading, bellyclasses, privatelessons, course with camera live, worshops.

Bellydance Winner 2017 and 2018 at Let’ s DANCE Paris 

Muse of personalities, she choreographs her own artistic creations for numerous events.

Also nominated Judge for oriental dance choreographic competitions since May 2020

Today, she is an international reference for the art of the belly dance of the Middle East, the living art, choreographer, music, theater, cinema, actress, and designer of tailor-made costumes and accessories for belly dance.